Maximize your business efficiency by easy on-call scheduling with DutyManager.

DutyManager is a simple android application for people, small and medium sized businesses who manage on-call duties with a phone. It's based on your pre-defined list configured into the app and it routes all calls and text messages (sms) automaticaly to the right contact, triggered by an event in your calendar.

All you need is:

- a dedicated android smartphone (version 5.0-Lollipop and above) with the phone number that your contacts/customers/alarm system know

- a calendar synchronized on the device (even works on a local one)

- DutyManager app

Available on Github


Call forwarding task is triggered while your defined keyword is found on your synchronized or local calendar, at the event start time.
Any first keyword specified at the beginning of calendar description, delimited by a space triggers the forward task.

Set up on-call duty schedule

Forget the phone and manage shifts from google calendar website (or any calendar configured and synchronized on the device).

Divert short code

Customize short code to setup unconditional forwarding based on your mobile provider guideline.

Simple and unlimited list entries

Manage your own list in an easiest way. Keyword (a name, surname, trigram, etc...) + phone number.


On-Call Reminder Notifications

Automatically remind duty contact when their on-call shift is begin with a customizable. Receive all text messages sent to duty phone number (very useful for alarm system notification).

Remote functions

Add a new entry, override on-call shift ("takeover"" on a scheduled contact) or check the status at any time, through text message.

Root Features

If your device is rooted (this app doesn't root your phone at all), close popup windows automaticaly and reboot the phone remotely are available.

Description with video

This video describes the process of setting up DutyManager after installing it, and show you how it works for real.

Note: For full screen video, please open it on Youtube website.

You can also find a How to / FAQ pages / Use cases > HERE



2019-03-20: Due to Google policies, DutyManager has been removed from Play Store as "Call Log or SMS data" permissions were used to divert calls. Shame !
However the latest artefact of pro version remains available on my github