DutyManager story!

This app was written after looking around some solution to manage our duty schedule during week-end hours inside my IT department. We've look around our IPX but it didn't offer any calendar system to shift automatically phone number. We've also found bunch of online apps (ie on-call scheduling from PageDuty, or Grasshopper from Citrix) which offers virtual phone number but prices were the limitation.

Therefore as we had an android spare smartphone where we manually forward call to people, I decide to automate all the stuff with Tasker. Since almost one year now, it worked well and now I decided to create a real GUI with same functions ... and more.

Mobile subscription

I would say that in France, we've got chance to have a mobile carrier challenger named "Free" which sell subscription for 2€/month, which is very cheap. At this point, it's worst and easy to get one and buy a second hand android smartphone. And I'm' pretty sure that such kind of cheap subscription exists around for you.

So DutyManager could really help a lot of people or small businesses to have the cheapest solution for on-call duties management

Best configuration

From what I've tested during last year, the best config for DutyManager is to plug your phone via usb on any "always-on" computer or on a wall power plug; just because the phone need to stay on for calendar synchronization. In my company, our device is in our data room, attached to a server powered up in usb. We've just "plugged and forget". As we have duties every week-end, we know that everything works. However from time to time, device is rebooted manually. Note: if your device is rooted, a reboot remote function is available for that.

Data room

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